Aliens. Extraterrestrials.
And even after all those Sci-Fi movies
and books we weren’t ready.
Not a bit.

They sent messages all over
the Earth. They wanted to discuss
their appearence with human leaders.

They were searching for
a friendly contact.

It was full of excitement and expectations.
Like humanity is passing its fundamental test.

They do not speak, we heard their voices
straight inside our heads. No words —
just meanings and senses.

They told our ambassadors not to worry.
They came with no harm plans.

They asked for permission to live on the Earth.
Instead they promised to obey all of our traditions
and customs.

They asked to call them «The Sames».

The Sames started to build the Intergalactic Center
as the embassy of their race and place
of cultural interchange.

The Sames had advantages in so many sides of being —
intelligence, science, technology.
And it seemed like they act as one.

We was able to learn so much from them.

Sensation faded away.
Humanity has the strong ability
to get used to everything.

People started to disappear massively
since the first day of contact.
At first time we overlooked
this fact under sensation.

But to had became too obvious.
Panic was back.

Human ambassadors asked for an official reception
at Intergalactic Center with a heavy heart.

— We’d like to know...

«Sames consume human species.»

— Wha... What?!.

«Sames use human bodies to feed themselves.»

— B-But you promise to...

«Sames follow all the rules strictly.
One principle has been noticed on this planet:
more advanced and improved species are able
to use others as a food. As you do.
And humans do accept advantage of sames.»

— Yes, but you... But what did you eat before came here?.. Can you...

«Yes, sames can use many objects as food.
But sames prefer human species for now.
Sames behave just like humans and do not understand why humans are so disturbed.»

— But... We breed cattle and...

«Be sure, this will be the next phase.
If we have finished, you may leave...»

«As you do... As you do...»
The Sames were right. They behaved just like us.
We are the «Sames» for other Earth inhabitants.
We call them «animals» and think
we can rule their lives.

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